Step 1: Self-Assessment

Getting started with the Evaluation Cycle

As always, if you would like assistance during any portion of the evaluation cycle, please contact me at or book a time using the “Book Now” link in the sidebar to the right.

The first step of the evaluation cycle is Self-Assessment. This includes an assessment of strengths and priority areas for both student learning and professional practice.  A new page has been added to this website with information specific to the Self-Assessment process.

A. Completing the Self-Assessment

i. The evaluation cycle begins with the Educator completing and submitting to the Evaluator a self-assessment by October 1st or within four weeks of the start of their employment at the school, except for the first year of this agreement when it shall be completed by November 1st.

ii. The self-assessment includes:

a. An analysis of evidence of student learning, growth and achievement for students under the Educator’s responsibility.

b. An assessment of practice against each of the four Performance Standards of effective practice using the district’s rubric.

c. Proposed goals to pursue:
(1st) At least one goal directly related to improving the Educator’s own professional practice.(2nd) At least one goal directly related to improving student learning. (Collective Bargaining Agreement 2014-2017)