Non-PTS and PTS

Teachers in their first three years of practice within the district are considered non-PTS (not yet granted Professional Teacher Status) and are on a Developing Educator Plan under the current evaluation system.  Once a teacher has achieved PTS, they transition to a 2-year evaluation cycle on a Self-Directed Educator Plan as long as they continue to receive formative and summative ratings of Proficient or Exemplary.

The table below highlights some of the primary differences in educator evaluation between teachers with and without PTS.

Developing  Educator
Self-Directed Growth Plan
Directed Growth Plan
Plan Duration 1 year 2 years* 1 year or less
Mid-Cycle Report January
Formative Assessment Report
May – End of Year
Formative Evaluation Report
Based on start and end dates of plan.
Announced Observations At least 1 None 2 (1 prior to Jan 31 and one after Jan 31)
Unannounced Observations At least 4, no more than 2 in any marking period At least 2 per evaluation cycle 2 (1 prior to Jan 31 and one after Jan 31)

Improvement plans are not included here, but are 45 school days (or more) in length and include additional requirements.

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(1) Professional Status educators with a prior rating of Proficient or Exemplary.
(2) Professional Status educators with a prior rating of Needs Improvement
* Once DDM trends have been established, educators with ratings of Proficient or Exemplary but Student Impact Ratings of low will be placed on a 0ne-year Self-Directed Growth Plan