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NEW Consolidated Forms

In order to reduce the number of documents and the confusion created by maintaining separate documents that pertained to the same information, I have consolidated the educator and SISP forms into a single document each.  Everything you need to submit for the entire cycle (self-assessment through evidence submission) will be contained in one document.  Evaluator documentation on observations, formative and summative reports, etc. will be linked into the document.

You will note that only the “Burlington Great 8” elements are included in the main evidence section as these are required.  The remaining elements are at the end of the document should you wish to provide evidence in these areas as well.

You can access these documents from your BPS account using the following links.

Teacher Evaluation Document

SISP Evaluation Document

These documents should be “View Only” and you will need to make a copy in order to have your own to edit with your information.  Some evaluators will push these files to you as part of the evaluation cycle, while others will ask you to access them yourself.

Burlington Public Schools employees are welcome to contact me for help in using these or any other part of the Educator Evaluation process.


Evidence Form (Resource)

As I worked with educators across the district over the past two years, I noticed that one of the more difficult aspects of the evaluation system has been keeping track of evidence.  Knowing which elements of the rubric are well represented in your evidence, which ones need greater attention, and communicating the evidence collected to date is a challenge.  Being able to share with your evaluator as the year progresses and receive feedback is also helpful for both educator and evaluator.
Screenshot 2015-08-31 09.04.54
Thanks to a discussion with a Rockland educator last year, I’ve started using a Google Doc arranged by rubric elements to link my evidence and keep a record that I can share with my evaluator.  Whether you share your document at the start of the year for continuous feedback or only at certain points in time, it can make the overall process easier.

Using the table, you can insert text descriptions, links to websites or Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, or even photographs.  I’ve added a Table of Contents for easy navigation, definitions of the Proficient level for each element, and formatted the definitions of Great 8 Focus Elements in bold to make them easier to find.  In Rockland, evaluators have used the commenting feature to give feedback during the year and changed the header color on elements where educators have supplied enough evidence so that they can focus their attention elsewhere.

Please feel free to make a copy of the linked Google Doc and use it if you and your evaluator feel it would be helpful.  I will post versions of the SISP Rubric shortly.

As always, I am available to meet with educators individually or in groups to discuss the evaluation process and provide assistance.  Email me at or set up a time through my online booking service by clicking the “Book Now” link in the right sidebar.