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Downloading and Saving Teachboost Forms

As we reach the end of the year, please download and save all of your Teachboost forms.  If the district remains with Teachboost for the upcoming year, there will be substantive changes made to customize the program to reflect the feedback you’ve given over the course of the year.  As we have no way of knowing at this point how changes would impact the materials you have already created in Teachboost, it is important that you save the report files.  If we return to a Google Drive solution, there is the possibility that you will lose your Teachboost material if you do not save it to your drive.

The process for saving forms is outlined below or you can access the Google Slideshow here.

Teachboost Save 1

Teachboost Save 2

Teachboost Save 3

Teachboost Save 4

The process for adding files to your Google Drive will depend upon the device you are using.  Saving directly to Google Drive is easy with a Chromebook.  People using Macs and PCs may need to save to their hard drives and then upload to Google Drive.

As always, please contact me if you have questions or concerns at or schedule a time to meet using the Book Now link in the sidebar.